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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Trump Mafia - The 2016 Inheritors

~  They are all in it together  ~

The geezer's phone conversation with the terror kingpin at Riyadh:  Source PressTV Video Clip

Focus carefully on the 90-day travel ban and 120-day visa ban on seven Muslim states.  Bush and Obama routinely bombed five out of seven countries which Trump recently banned because the scheme to topple all seven on  Trump's ban list was already in the pipeline years ago.  Accordingly Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan were excluded by Trump's con men, each of those three countries having a different political interest for Washington despite Trump's pre-election admissions recognizing Saudi Arabia as the prime financier of terror and Turkey a supporter of Daesh.

It's the failure of over-throwing Bashar al-Assad in Syria that helped delay the attack on Iran.  After six years of mayhem, Syria might be left at the mercy of Turkey, Yemen to Saudi Arabia while Big Daddy turns to Iran, the most powerful member of the Resistance.

Shortly prior to Trump's "notice," Iran dumped the US Dollar giving a major blow to an ever-sluggish US economy. Consequently, National Sec. Adviser Michael Flynn, a rabid anti-Iran warmonger, claimed Iran's ballistic missile test to be a violation and Press Sec. Sean Spicer LIED accusing Iran of attacking a US navy vessel in Yemen. The purpose of this depraved string of manipulations was to prepare  "legal" grounds for immediate re-implementation of sanctions that would win the support of the American people and those across the West.  The other bit of frustration came from the fact that during the past one month, Yemeni revolutionary forces had won a series of victories against their Saudi invaders.  That needed to be stopped too.

Trump administration is aware that military action against Iran will not be liked by majority around the world.  America needs plenty of deceit to build, what would appear to the international community, as a just and convincing case.  In the coming days or months, US is likely to propose a humiliating one-sided deal beneath a misleading facade of a fair offer showing equitability, peace and legitimacy as the consolidated goal pursued by the White House.  Iran's rejection of that deceit would be the perfect opportunity to portray her as an aggressive, combative party determined to go nuclear by ignoring an ideal option to avoid war.  The undertaking to comply with this pledge for organized crime at the behest of their Jewish masters was started by GWB at the dawn of the 3rd millennium, stoically continued by Obama, hailed by Clinton and exacerbated with pleasure by Trump.  Apart from  Israeli hegemony in the region being a top priority, the New World has sadly entered an era when it can only count on wars for upswing economy .. to whatever extent that's now possible.  America laments that it's a bit too late in the day to get hung up on ethics; it won't abandon those attractive resources of a specific Muslim block for the sake of preserving their sovereignty.

Trump, who hates Iran, says he wants cordial relations with Russia.  Russia has been an ally to Iran but is also elated at the prospect of having close ties with Trump's America, the enemy of Iran.  Considering that the new US administration (like its predecessor) has already started nagging Russia over the Ukraine issue, the goodwill of his US counterpart is more precious to Putin than ever before.  It's hard to guess where this intricate maze of relations may end up, but it certainly won't help to produce a favorable solution for Iran.  The situation puts Putin in a dilemma when, at some point, he will have to choose between the Islamic Republic and Donald Trump.    It's won't be easy for good relations to continue between Russia and Iran, and next to impossible to improve.

Last but not least, the latest post-Obama plans are also designed to drive a wedge between members of the Resistance.  Wrapped up with Iran, Trump's administration would probably have lesser time for tinkering with Syria compared to Obama, Clinton and Kerry .. and for a while Erdogan may need to walk on eggshells supporting his terrorist allies until he gains some more trust of those new guys at the WH.  That could provide some relief to Syria, at least temporarily.  For Iran it's the opposite.  But fortunately until now, this aspect has not been reflected neither by the governments of Syria nor Iran.  Since the past six years, Syyed Ali Khamanei has resolutely perceived the invasion of Syria as an attack on the Resistance.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Syrian Diaspora - 2011 to Present. They Never Asked for This.

                 Syrian refugees in Bute, Scotland.  Image source: Express UK

The pervasive proxy war against Syria hasn't only destroyed the country but has also facilitated an atmosphere of depressive isolation for many Syrians forced to leave home. 

On December 2015, fifteen young displaced Syrian families  were dumped (as refugees) in the secluded, lonesome and dismal Scottish island of Bute which has a population of 7,000 elderly traditional Scottish seniors from 75 and 95.  Most of these old retirees don't know a thing about the Syrian war.  They admit viewing the arrival of Syrian refugees in Bute as "them and us."  For the refugees, the glaring contrast from the vibrant and cheerful pre-war Syria couldn't be more heartbreaking!    Job opportunities are zero in a place like Bute.  There is no one to teach them English.  Apart from the emotional trauma and utter boredom, it's a colossal waste of talent for the young families. Quoting a 42-year-old Syrian and father of four, “I feel like I have one option now, to die here.  Only die here, nothing else.” The scenario isn't too different from the concept of punishments in middle ages by imperialist powers when they exiled dissidents to remote, uninhabited little islands like St. Helena, Devil's Island, Robinson Crusoe Island and more.

                 Syrian refugee family in Canada:  Image & story Yahoo News Canada.

A Syrian refugee family - parents and five children - living in a townhouse in the Canadian city of Langley, province of British Columbia, have their own woes.  Around the fall of 2016 there was a small fire in their kitchen above the cooker.  For safety purposes, renovation workers had to remove part of the ceiling, the drywall, laminated floor and the kitchen sink.  Apart from the inconvenience, that made the house frigid in sub zero December temperatures.  The family couldn't afford to move to a new house without government assistance.  It took a little while for Immigration Settlement Services to receive approval from the Federal government to find a new accommodation for them.  According to the family, Syria is cold too.  But in Syria they were ready to handle unexpected situations for they had the resources.  As refugees away from home, they don't.

So much of their lives is now just a bundle of memories.  The fragrance and flavor of Syrian cuisine .. the thick lentil soup and kanafah sprinkled with pistachios;  those traditional Syrian restaurants with waiters carrying large plates of shawarma and fried falafel;  the togetherness of Syrians and Palestinians during the month of Ramadan ... the traditional sahoor Ramadan drummers (the musaharatis) going around neighborhoods with their drums and songs.  After tarawih prayers, friends would meet in the evenings, chat, tell stories, sing, sip coffee .. and those traditional Ramadan sweets of Damascus!   All Syrians miss Ramadan in Old Damascus.  "Nothing compares to it" is the commonest comment.  In their cell phones, many of them carry Youtube clips of the adhan sounding from the minaret of the Ommayad Mosque in Old Damascus.  It takes them on a short free ride down the memory lane and back home; but only for a while until the rude awakenings start pouring into their difficult lives again.   Most elderly Syrians, despite the emotional trauma of foreign invasion and loss of their homes, were reluctant to leave.  In many cases their adult children literally had to grab their passports and bring them to the airport. 

This once incredibly happy and financially secure community is now scattered in groups of war-exiles in different continents with faltering economies, job shortages, debts, mortgages and impersonal neighbors. They are dispersed everywhere –  Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Scotland etc.  It's a  tragic Syrian diaspora forced upon them.  One thing that follows ever Syrian refugee - old and young - like a shadow is homesickness. 

Slight Relief in Algeria:

The only place the Syrian exiles are comparatively happier is Algeria.  There are approximately 40,000 Syrians  living in Algeria at present, escaping the foreign invasion that has ravaged their beautiful homeland.  Fortunately, Algeria doesn't force Syrian refugees to live in camps like Jordan and Lebanon.  And unlike  Turkey, Syrians in Algeria don't need to fear the wealthy Saudi and Emirati predators hovering around  refugee settlements looking for young girls as war brides.   There's no racial discrimination, imprisonments nor derogatory treatment as in Europe.  Syrian children can attend school in Algeria and families are free to set up their own businesses.  There are a couple of problems however.  Algeria offers healthcare only for refugee children under age six.  Unlike Syria, there's no free healthcare for all.  Algerian government also does not allow refugees without documents to look for jobs nor to purchase property, compelling many to work illegally.  Most displaced Syrian families in Algeria have opened  traditional restaurants serving Syrian food that are doing fairly well.  Along the historical winding alleys of the kasbah of Algiers with its brick steps, it isn't unusual any longer to see Syrian sweet marts with comfortable sunken couches, Syrian decor, images of the Aleppo Citadel and shelves stocked with traditional Syrian desserts.  They can afford to rent houses or apartments. But it isn't the same as Syria for any of them.

                                                             Youtube Clip

                          Algiers kasbah neighborhood.  Image: Skyscrapper City.

Quoting an excerpt from Beirut's MashAllah News on Syrian refugees in Algeria:
Nour Derdar, carries a tray with lentil soup and hummus out to a table, then returns with empty plates piled on top of each other. She arrived in Algeria in 2015, not long before they began imposing visas, and lives with her mother and three kids in a house in Baba Hassan (a neighborhood in Algeria).  “Our situation is good, if I compare to Syrians elsewhere. There are no camps here, we can live better. My kids are in school. It’s taken a while to get used to the Algerian system, but they are doing alright,” she says.  Still, there is something sad in her eyes when she speaks. She left behind a life, a community, everything, only to start something new at a place she didn’t know. Baba Hassan, a suburb with long-standing ties to Syria, has many Syrian families who have lived here for generations. There are Syrian spice shops and date sellers, and small importers of clothes and fabric. But the story of Derdar and the other newcomers is entirely different: their migration was involuntary, pushed by force. And, for now, there is no going back.  “Most of all, I miss the hawa, the atmosphere of Syria,” says Abdallah at Bawabat Istanbul (a Syrian restaurant with branches in Algiers and Istanbul).  “There is nothing like it, even though there is generosity and great feelings towards Syrians here (Algeria).”

There's an old historical connection between Syria and Algeria that goes nearly 200 years in the past when Algerian freedom fighter and national hero, Emir Abdelkader,  led a struggle against the invasion of French colonialists resisting the French colonization of Algeria.  He eventually found refuge in Damascus after years of imprisonment in France.  The Emir loved Damascus and died in Damascus.  Many Algerians presently view the Syrian struggle against the foreign terrorist invasion financed by Western governments similar to what their ancestors faced in the mid-1800s. 


It's ironic to watch and read the frowns across Europe against the "wave of Syrian refugees."  These refugees are far more unhappy than their sulking hosts.  They do not enjoy living on charity abroad.  Pre-war Syria already had a fantastic welfare system - free education, free healthcare, interest-free loans, various family allowances and more.   They are homesick, separated from families and close friends, they feel lost culturally and they are struggling to learn foreign languages.  It's anything but any ideal situation.  They are not interested in the generosity of Western governments to let them in.  They do not want to be indebted to those granting them 'favors' who were squarely responsible for the catastrophe that created the problem of displacement.

"They (the Syrian people) don't need your support in your country; they need your support in our country (Syria).  They (western countries) need to stop supporting terrorists." - President Bashar al-Assad (interview with TG5, Italian channel, December 30th 2016).

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Unelected PMs of U.K. .. plenty of them

                                  Cartoon image from Gary Barker Illustrations

While UK's Theresa May is making big plans to be the first leader to meet Donald Trump, she forgets the most important aspect concerning her own political career. She has walked into 10 Downing Street as an unelected leader with no public mandate ... not a single popular vote cast to her credit. History tells us that this is nothing uncommon in the UK.   The fact-check list of a country that boasts the loudest about "democracy" shows half of all British PMs since the last one hundred years have sneaked into office unelected, using "parliamentary democracy" as the lame excuse.  Gordon Brown, John Major, James Callaghan,Harold Macmillan, the drunkard Winston Churchill and several more. None of them ever faced the British public at the ballot box. In 2007 May said about Brown "he has no democratic mandate." Today she is precisely in the same situation. Without the peoples' mandate she's made herself comfortable at Downing Street, constructing foreign policies and worrying about the legitimacy of the Syrian President, fairly elected twice by his people.

Where is the verdict of your people to assert the legitimacy of your incessant political prattling, Mrs. May?

Fact Check List:

(Click on the image below for full view) 

   Fact Check List Source.  Full Fact . org                                   

Monday, January 23, 2017

Astana Peace Talks on Syria's Crisis

                                                Syrian Free Press


But unfortunately the so-called Syrian opposition is represented by a notorious terror pervert.  Don't waste your time being too hopeful.

Mohammed Alloush, a member of the terrorist group, Jaysh (formerly Liwa), is currently representing all AlQaeda terrorists at the talks in Astana.   Jaysh (JI) is a hardline Salafist group created by Saudi Arabia in 2012 by pouring in millions of dollars to neutralize the growing strength of Al-Nusra.  Ironically, JI has been working closely with Al-Nusra and they are the best of friends.   Alloush couldn't refrain from provocation even at the table in Astana, addressing the Syrian Government as a bloody despotic regime” backed by “vengeful sectarian militias.”  The goof doesn't know or won't say that 75% of the Syrian Army consists of Sunni Muslims.  Shiia Muslims are 15% and the rest Christians and Druze.  Scoundrels of the so-called Syrian opposition have been taking advantage of the world's ignorance for nearly six years with the help of a very stupid fiction, painting Syria as a sectarian community and defaming the country's national Army as a gang of brutal "Shabiha" or a sectarian militia comprising of Alawite Shiias hunting down Sunnis and Christians.  

                               Terrorist M. Alloush.
                               Image from:  The Natiional May 2016.                                

Mohammed Alloush has carried out numerous terror acts in Syria under the leadership of his cousin, Zahran Alloush, calling for cleansing the country of Shiites and used many civilians as caged human shields.  His group officially announced responsibility for murdering the Syrian defense minister, deputy defense minister and assistant vice-president in the Damascus bombing of July 2012.  Thankfully Zahran Alloush was killed during Russian air strikes in December 2015.  Mohammed Alloush stated in September 2016 that his fighters do NOT seek fight with Israel. 

The media is obscure on the roots of the Alloush family.  Some sources claim they are from Douma.  But their patriarch, Abdullah Alloush (Zahran's father), is a resident of Saudi Arabia.  The question is, does anyone really expect a man like Alloush and his lot to accept or heed "reconciliation"? 

The armed gangs of terrorists dressed in their executive suits are bellowing away in Astana that the Syrian Government hasn't demonstrated serious commitment to the ceasefire, using the allegation as a stumbling block.  A quick overview of the ceasefire joke says that Daesh and Al-Nusra, the two top aggressors, are excluded from the truce.  That has left them free to continue the violence (along with the smaller fries tied to their apron strings) as desired by pro-war circles and Turkey.  So, each time a car bomb explodes somewhere in Syria killing scores (and there have been many since the start of 2017), Turkey reprimands Iran to pressure Hezbollah and SAA to "stop violating the ceasefire."
~ need my deep breath ~

It's not known how many of those "rebels" present in Astana are from ISIL and Al-Nusra.  But several of them are definitely there.  Ahrar ash-Sham, another major terror group linked to the AlQaeda chain active in northern and central Syria, has boycotted the event as a gesture of sympathy to Al-Nusra at Wadi Barada.  Al-Nusra poisoned fresh potable water for 5 million people in Rif Damascus and the response by the Syrian Army to confront this war crime is cited as the cause for protest by ""moderate"" Ahrar ash-Sham.

Quoting President Assad at TBS TV: "We don’t have expectations, let’s say, we have hopes from Astana...  Of course, ISIS is one of the aspects of terrorism, one of the organizations; when you talk about ISIS you have to talk about al-Nusra, and you have so many Al Qaeda-affiliated groups now within Syria."  A very relevant point that's long been overlooked or not understood.   The AlQaeda plague has proliferated in proportions  unimaginable.  If any government claims it's on a mission to eradicate terrorism, it must categorically mention its intent to target "all terrorists" without naming any specific groups as that would indicate handling a small part of the problem, not the whole. 

Needless to say, President Bashar al-Assad's decision on allowing terrorist groups to join "reconciliations" is not an independent one.  That was already decided by Lavrov who stated to RT  "We are not trying to oust the political opposition from the process, but we want the armed groups to take full reorientation in this process .."   And the President alluded to this unfortunate situation that has shattered Syria's sovereignty and bound his hands in his statement:  "This is the only thing that we can expect in the meantime."   However, Syria won't talk of a transitional government and President Assad explained why in the interview when he stated  "The President’s departure or staying in office can only be decided through the ballot boxes."   How might Russia and Turkey grapple their disagreement over this issue is unclear.  A lot may depend on how far Turkey succeeds in bullying Russia. 

If can spare sometime, do please go through President Bashar al-Assad's recent interview with Japanese Channel TBS-TV posted at Syrian Free Press, as always giving out the truth the way it stands. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mohammed Shohayet: The Rohingya 'Aylan Kurdi'

Image & Story @  ABNA News "Toddler Rohingya Refugee's Body Similar to Aylan Kurdi"


16-month-old Rohingya boy Mohammed Shohayet was drowned and washed ashore off the Naf river, his lifeless body lying face down on January 4, 2017. A stark reminder of an identical incident in September 2015 on the shores of the Mediterranean that took the life of the little Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, his mother and brother. Mohammed Shohayet's mother and 3-year-old brother were fleeing the genocide of Buddhist terrorists in Myanmar under Suu Kyi regime. They attempted to cross the river from Myanmar to Bangladesh on boat. When Myanmar's brutal police force discovered that some Rohingyas were trying leave, they began firing. The Rohingyas got panicky and rushed onto the boat together. The boat was overloaded and sank shortly after it left. Mohamed Shohayet's father had already reached the other side of the river a few days earlier. He was waiting for his family to arrive. Instead, like Aylan's father, he is beside himself with grief.  

The other heartless government sits next door to Myanmar in Bangladesh.  The deceitful and autocratic Bangladesh PM, Sheik Haseena, promised at the U.N. that her government would accommodate Rohingya refugees.  But the policy implemented at home by Sheikh Haseena is the opposite.  Such undercover policies of the treacherous Bangladesh government only makes it easier for the killer government and Buddhist mobs of Myanmar to hunt down the Rohingya minority. 

During the OIC meeting held in Kaula Lampur held on January 19, FM and Deputy FM of Iran and the PM of Malaysia have loudly appealed to the UN and the international community to push for an immediate end to this 6-year apartheid-genocidal-terror against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. These are the only two countries that have spoken. But Western leaders and their allies remain committed only to taking lives, not saving them.

At least Aylan Kurdi got coverage for a while. But it's been almost three weeks and no one knows who Mohammed Shohayet was.  Is it because Aylan was well dressed and Shohayet was apparently much poorer, barefoot in tattered clothes?  And appearances matter so much in the eyes of the "developed" world (I mean, developed in inbred callousness) ....