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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Duped by the directorate of a nanny-state

The international media, the most important weapon of the global elite mafia, is losing its skill to indoctrinate minds as smoothly as it did until a couple of years ago.  Its modus operandi is getting repetitious and lackluster.  Despite that, and the efforts of many common Americans  to break away from the traditional capitalistic policy of financial and political hegemony (dominating not just America but the entire post-WW2 world of "allies"), those people continue to remain prisoners of the oligarchy.

The overbearing system shoots at the life-saving artery of democracy, making it a sham for decades. American people cannot even directly choose their president. The electoral college has the final say, a body of only 538 appointees of the Congress. Whoa! The entire system is craftily designed to muzzle the 99% to eliminate all risks of shaking the foundation of the Jewish-neocon controlled complex structure. The American people are helpless prisoners of the establishment that runs a police state.

Furthermore, the huge size of the confederation of 50 plus states that's rife with polarization is a factor which constantly thwarts peoples' unity, an aspect indispensable for a strong and consolidated movement. It's a very dispiriting and subduing scenario felt by many Americans.

While the so-called declaration of modernism and freedom serves as a window dressing, behind it, U.S. and Europe (including Britain of course)  are pining for medieval decadence. Rather much worse. Unlike modern times, many good things actually happened in the medieval period. In the years between 1790-1799, the French came out on the streets;  they fought and fought to kick out the rule of the hierarchy .. and they succeeded. Can you imagine the modern French people at present fighting as bravely as did their ancestors in the 1700s?  Well, why go that far into the past?  Iran did that successfully in the 1970s and ended up becoming the biggest enemy of the despotic gang of allied global powers.

Monday, October 24, 2016


                                                     SFP Twitter

A city in Sweden wants to help ISIL terrorists returning from Syria by providing them housing, drivers' licenses and jobs. How many innocents they murdered, raped, trafficked, and how many homes they destroyed - all forgotten! Europe makes a loud fuss over accommodating refugees from Syria forced to flee the scourge of perpetrators, but welcomes those perpetrators with open arms .. because they're serving as NATO's reservists.

The absurdity gets still better when you read reports that "Muslim" Brotherhood is successfully gaining foothold in Sweden's Green Party.

Fact check:
Madness and Stupidity in Power in Europe
Sweden Handouts to Returning ISIL Terrorists


As the Mosul campaign rolls in, Iraqi soldiers are gathering in the north taking positions. According to Daily Mail dated Oct.19, a US General reported that Daesh fighters and their wives had already fled Mosul. One may wonder how they fled so easily when 1.5 million civilians are still stuck in Mosul with rising fears of a humanitarian crisis? What the General didn't mention was the agreement between Saudi Arabia and US to evacuate all senior Daesh members and their wives and arrange safe passage for them from Mosul to Raqqa. Truckloads of women of Daesh families have reportedly relocated to Raqqa. Until a few days ago it was surmised that Abu Bakr Baghdadi and his explosives expert Fawzi Nouimeh were holed up in Mosul. But now it's far more likely that they too have fled with Saudi & US blessings, leaving the outskirts of Mosul littered with booby traps.

Quoting a local source of Iraq's Nineveh province via SFP:
"Media sources said 10 buses and 12 cars transporting foreign members of Daesh and their families arrived in Raqqa coming from Mosul city without being targeted by the US-led coalition aircrafts."

The US has been openly mentioning of Iraq's intent to retake Mosul since July, as one would periodically announce about an upcoming carnival. They gave Daesh a very long notice keeping them up-to-date with every bit of logistics on the Iraqi side. Daesh would have to be very, very stupid not to flee while America can barely contain its loyalty to old friends.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Clinton and the Syria no-fly zone

As on October 16, 2016 -- a week after the 2nd presidential debate on October 9.

Fact check please:   Independent Journal Review, "Hillary wouldn't release full transcripts of her paid Wall Street speeches, so Wikileaks did it for her."

They are all a bunch of brazen serial murderers with not a shred of shame nor remorse.  They are degrading America to the lowest levels of sub-humanity.   America deserves much better.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Yemen Funeral Massacre - October 8, 2016

               Image: Interalex      Inset: The Intercept

According to The Intercept, soon after the funeral massacre WH spokesman Ned Price stated that US will be reviewing its weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, quote “U.S. security cooperation with Saudi Arabia is not a blank check.”   But a quick look at US weapons transaction record with Saudi Arabia and the prevailing US military actions tell us that the statement from Ned Price was a load of hot air;  a momentary response after the embarrassment of a US-made MK-82 bomb fragment with code was caught in camera within the massacre site.

The US has supplied Saudi Arabia with more than $20 billion worth of weapons during its 18-month war against Yemen including tons of MK-82 bombs.  Throughout Obama's 8-year regime, he has sold more than $115 billion worth of weapons (believe it or not!)  to the Saudi coalition, beating the record of all his predecessors.

--  With more than 20,000 Yemenis dead in 18 months.
--  82% of Yemen's 27 million population in need of humanitarian assistance (half of them children).

--  Statistically, a minor child dies in Yemen every 3 hours by Saudi coalition air strikes.  
--  More than 325,000 children dead from preventive diseases. 
--  10,000 children dead in the past 12 months.
--  No healthcare, no water, no food, no electricity (forget about schools and marketplaces).

And now, the 'kind-hearted' Ned Price talks of reviewing that catastrophic "blank check" while the pirates of naval destroyer USS Mason lurk along the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait targeting Houthi coastal positions.  What a cute reprimand from the White House for its beloved rogue Kingdom and its gulf allies.