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Friday, September 23, 2016

Muslim Villa Guests: Introduction prior to Registration / General Comments

As-Salaam Alaikum:

Our Guest book at Muslim Villa Quran-alone forum is currently closed due to abuse by non-Muslim radicals mainly from India.  

As you know, we do not accept registration for membership without a detailed introduction.  Since the MV Guest book is shut for the time being, we request you to please introduce yourself below at the comments section, if you desire to sign-up as a member.

Guest readers of MV may also feel free to comment on our posts here as non-members.  Many thanks.

Abusers and spammers will be reported, their comments trashed and dumped in the garbage.  All comments are strictly moderated/filtered prior to approval.  Therefore rogue trolls will only be wasting their time here.


  1. This is an excellent site . May Allah bless you for your excellent work. I do get updates. My name is Abdalaziz Ariff from Indiana. Can you explain to me how to register at Muslim Villa.I am a simple and sinful Muslim. Age 60 years plus. I may disagree with Shia at the same time disagree with majority of the sunni sects, but insult not. Thanks my email iffatjahan@sbcglobal.net

    1. Registration at Muslim Villa is by clicking the "Register" button located on the horizontal bar on top of the homepage.

      By the way, we would appreciate if you explain a bit more on what you mean by "simple and sinful Muslim." We aren't counselors and not experienced in guiding "sinful" folks. Just letting you know.

  2. Salaam
    My name is Dan Taylor. I am revert of over 17yrs however only started practising since my father passed away 3 years ago. Quite honestly, I was introduced to the hadiths quite early on, it's what majority of traditional Muslims rely a lot on for guidance and right away what didn't resonate with my heart was the constant reference to the sunnah and not the Quran I am searching for the truth and God willing I hope to find it someday. I would be greatful if I could join this blog and benefit from it for the sake of Allah. Salaam.

    1. Walaikum Salam and thank you for the introduction brother Danny. Kindly register at MV (I presume you have the MV link) by clicking the "register" button on homepage. We'll okay your registration as soon as we get it, InshAllah.

    2. Jzk sis Heba
      I have registered.

    3. Thank u brother .... registration okayed. u can now login.

    4. Would appreciate if you also introduced yourself at the forum's Intro New Members board so our guest readers may also get to know you.

  3. Salam,

    I am a practicing Muslim who would love to call himself as non-denominational. I have done a fair amount of reading on the history and evolution of Hadiths and consider it as purely speculative and mostly contrary to the teachings of glorious Quran. I would love to contribute to any effort that attempts to bring the Muslim mainstream back to the constitution of Quran.

    I have registered at MV as aamirsyed


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